Stefano Carrese

Stefano Carrese

Professor, Roma Tre University


STEFANO CARRESE is full professor of transport engineering at the Department of Engineering of the Roma TRE University, and was the university’s delegate for sustainable mobility. He teaches “Transport Technique and Economics” at the degree in civil engineering and “Railway transport” at the master’s degree in road infrastructure and transport of Roma TRE: he is also an adjunct faculty at Texas A&M University and teaches “Transport engineering” for spring semester students in Roma TRE. In June 2022 he was elected president of the “Italian Society of Transport Professors”.

Head of the Laboratory of Transport Systems Engineering of Roma TRE whose main activities are: 

Acquisition of traffic data, both at the macroscopic level by means of fixed sensors detecting the vehicular flow, such as radar, and microscopic by means of probe vehicles equipped with GPS equipment and by means of a portable laser speed meter.

Macroscopic, mesoscopic and microscopic modelling, design and simulation of land traffic (passenger and freight) with particular reference to:

design and management of sustainable mobility systems (collective transport, electric mobility, car-sharing, non-motorized modes);

– development of models for forecasting the parameters of transport networks;

– development of road traffic simulation models;

– estimation of static and dynamic transport demand;

– real-time traffic control and management.